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EFAS EUROPE Headquarters (Germany)

EFAS is a multinational company which in addition to leadership in the field consulting services (financial and marketing consulting, corporate management, business consulting, acquisition of funds from the European Union) successfully operates in the field of finance and insurance.

EFAS corporation as part of its investment program produces and distributes exclusive, high-quality products primarily through direct sales, as well as in their own showrooms.

Since its founding EFAS seeks to improve the quality of life for people around the world, that it will become part of their everyday life.

The company EFAS is present in more than 60 countries, on 5 continents, not only through consulting activities but also direct sales EFAs TM products through a number of shops and showrooms, located in the most beautiful streets of world capitals. This is best illustrated by the fact that at least every 300sekundi somewhere in the world starts a new presentation of our products. More than 5,000,000 people a year visit some of EFAS presentations.

EFAS corporation has investments in 7 factories situated in world capitals and more than 320,000 m2 of office space in prime locations and capitals around the world.

The company’s success EFAS not only contribute to long-term vision, top product quality and innovation, but above all, the sales network of over 5,000 representatives throughout the world. The company is proud of the huge number of toptrained sales managers and consultants who inspired and motivated our broader mission.

Mission and Vision

The mission and vision as a company that combines the tradition of successful business and international experience, we aim to actively participate in the improvement of the world market by providing services of the highest standard, to follow the latest trends in the development of quality and modernization of EFAS TM program.

Our mission and vision development describe what we are and what we want to achieve, that is, the standards by which we measure our decisions and actions. Mission and vision reflect the purpose of the existence of our company on the path towards a single goal: knowledge without borders in meeting the demands, needs and expectations of our customers through continuous improvement of the quality of our services and our production EFAS TM.


Through a wide range of services and quality products, we provide our clients a sense of security that is based on the long-term confidence in the company EFAS.
Our priorities are:
• to increase the satisfaction of our customers and consumers by listening and responding to their needs,
• To produce high quality products,
• To provide economic security to employees, but also permanent education, business and personal improvement,
• To ensure the safety of their shareholders equity
• To protect the environment and reduce our consumption of natural resources that we use
• To establish and develop partnerships with suppliers
• Yes – developing awareness, training, competence and knowledge of employees – continually improving the effectiveness and efficiency of our processes, thus providing added value for shareholders.


The company’s vision EFAS is to assume a leading market position in the areas of production program EFAS TM.
As to maintain the leading position in the business advisory and financial services.

We believe that stable operations maintain financial stability of the company and we will continue with the rapid and correct delivery of high quality products – which is a basic prerequisite for maintaining confidence partners of EFAS.

We strive to establish global and European business standards in all areas of our business.

Our intention is to provide a uniform distribution of market share and to expand our business into new areas.

We plan to actively participate in the development of our products under the brand EFAS TM to increase the volume of business Finding a strategic partnership especially in small and medium-sized enterprises, to develop new types of products and services, and the business actively introduce new technologies and cutting-edge information systems.
In the future as a leading Multinational companies, ensure that our high quality products are present in each company as well as to the end consumers.

Knowledge and technology, dedication to customers and consumers, and continuous investment in the development of powerful recognizable product EFAS TM are the fundamentals on which we build trust and strengthen our position.

EFAS’s vision, superior quality, innovative products and unique sales system with over 5000 employees and consultants worldwide contribute to EFAS’s success.

Our motto is 3P:

Efas President

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