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EFAS is a multinational company that, in addition to leadership in advisory services (finance and marketing consulting, corporate governance, business consulting, procurement of European Union funds), works successfully in the field of finance and insurance.

EFAS Corporation as part of its investment program produces and sells exclusive, high quality products primarily through direct sales, as well as in their own showrooms.

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We helped our client conduct the appropriate market research, analyse business cases, review potential scenarios and develop a road map for growth.

European Funds Acquisition Services

The Acquisition Services Fund (ASF) is a revolving fund, which operates on the revenue generated from its business lines rather than an appropriation received from Congress.

Financial services

Sophisticated strategies and solutions will be required for financial institutions to gain a competitive edge.


Industrial and urban growth in the emerging markets has led to unprecedented investment plans in infrastructure.

Transportation & Logistics

The transportation & logistics industry forms the backbone of modern global supply chains.

Setting strategy in a changing world

The differing rates of economic growth, or indeed, contraction that we see around the world together with greater volatility,

Abling innovation

The ability to innovate is now a top priority for companies all over the world.

Developing good governance

The biggest casualties of the global financial crisis have been trust and confidence.

Aligment of strategy, organizacion and human dimensions

Our approach can help you with a variety of end-to-end solutions for aligning your organizational dimensions with your business strategy.

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